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September 7, 2011

What are your memories of our days at Highland?

Anyone remember the 'auctions' in the cafeteria for drawings by John Lodefink?, or the food fights?


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Ruth Ann Lewis White on September 10, 2011 9:14 PM
My social life in high school was extremely painful, because I was not in the "in" group.  So, I put my energy into academics and service organizations, like the newspaper staff.   I've only attended one high school reunion, the 30th, and, surprisingly, it was a blast.  Those social butterflies had all aged, balded and sagged, like the rest of us.  And most of my feelings of inadequacy had evaporated with time.  Looking forwared to the 50th!
Kate Morgan on June 14, 2012 11:36 AM
I remember moments with neighborhood friends: like Judy Brown Nielson.  We thought it highly intelligent to put her family's dirty dishes on some protective towels in my brother Billy's red "Flyer" wagon and cart them across the dead end street (kittycorner) to my house at 1642 Westminster to wash them in my mother's new dishwasher.  I think we were in 8th grade. Judith and I still laugh about this and many other momemts.  I remember the graciousness of KayDean K. Cahoon Chytrus's mother and the good talks we had on the way to school, walking barefoot with Judy, through the blizzards of snow, the pouring rain and the sunny blue skied wildflower days. Leslie Stewart H. K. Elliot was in driver's training with me the summer before 10th grade.  Instant friends, she invited me to her home where her generous mother, Phylis, taught me to make tomato, onion, and zuchini aldente. Leslie gave me a sweater she had begun to knit, whole back was finished, and it was too small for her. I could bearly knit but she helped me get the right tension so my part would match what she had done. It was beautiful: Deep charcoal brown and grey through all the values to light mushroom in tiny baby weight yarn. Sue Hunter Gibbons woke me up early to go to breakfast before the entrance exams at the U of U. She was watching out for me.  I feel rich to have had such friends. I humbly hope for more great moments with anyone willing to take the time.    

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