September 6, 2018
23 days left
until our reunion.
Highland's Greatest Year!!

Welcome Class of 1962!  Thanks to all who came and made our 55th Reunion a success!   Thank You! 

Check out the pictures now in the photo album!  Here's a video preview:

Update:  We are planning to meet again at the Sugarbeet pavilion in Sugarhouse Park on Sept 6th 2018 from 4:pm to 8:pm  "Bring a picnic and any friend or family member just to visit and renew memories"

We will keep our web site going, so please check in regularly to see announcements of our future events, along with photos of our reunions.  Feel free to submit your photos of this and other reunion events! 

Also, if you have an address change, or happen to find one of our 'lost' Rams, please contact Don Young with their information!  This is VERY much appreciated!   

Contact Don Young via email at:

Entering your information into "Classmates", if you haven't already done so, will also enable others to contact you and of course, make this site much more interesting as we go foreward!  Contact Dave McRae if you need any help doing this.

Feel free to use this website to enter your thoughts, memories, memorials,  and pictures!   

Please contact us is you have any suggestions or questions!  We love hearing from you!

How many of our classmates can you identify in this picture???
How many of our classmates can you identify in this picture???
Reunion Chairperson: 

Anne Williams Larsen:  (801) 278-0721

Dave McRae  (801) 718-5584

Address master: 
Don Young (801) 266-0284


55th Reunion - See more pictures in the 'Photo Albums'
55th Reunion - See more pictures in the "Photo Albums"

Many more photos from Friday Night's event in the "Photo Albums" section...    You can select any of them and  watch a slideshow of each album, or just look through the pictures!

 (below are more pictures from our days at Highland)

Highland, as it looked back then
Highland, as it looked back then

Highland's Greatest Year!
Highland's Greatest Year!






Reunion Quiz
What annoyed Larry Palmer the most?

students being late for school
students doing brodies in the south parking lot
boys with their shirt tails out
students sliding down the stairs
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What should the theme be for the reunion ?

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